Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Vacation: Day 7 (Google Chrome and the RNC)

Google ChromeToday, my second to last day of vacation, was a day of rest and relaxation. I left the house only once today to pay a couple of bills, then spent the rest of the day watching the Google Press Conference announcing the release of Google Chrome, downloading and playing around with the new browser, and getting ready to watch the Republican National Convention. It has essentially been a relaxing day.

My initial impressions of Google Chrome are good. In fact, I'm using it to write this article. Furthermore, I plan to use Google Chrome exclusively for the next seven days to give it a thorough test. I'll post periodic updates of the experience. It won't be an easy thing to leave Firefox 3.0 for Google Chrome, but from what I've seen so far, it just might be possible.

Google touts ten features of Google Chrome.

  1. Omnibox = one box for search and address bar
  2. New Tab Page = opening a new tab displays thumbnails of the most visited pages, a list of recent searches, a list of recent bookmarks, and a list of recently closed tabs
  3. Application Shortcuts = create application shortcuts on your desktop or start menu to access frequently visited web pages easily from outside Google Chrome as if they are independent applications
  4. Dynamic Tabs = drag and drop repositioning of tabs, to include dragging tabs outside the current window to launch them in a new window
  5. Crash Control = launch Task Manager from within Google Chrome to prevent system lockup
  6. Incognito Mode = open pages in an incognito window, preventing page history and other tracking from recording visited sites
  7. Secure Browsing = warns you before accessing known harmful sites
  8. Instant Bookmarks = bookmark any site by clicking the bookmark icon in the Omnibox
  9. Importing Settings = Google Chrome seamlessly imports settings from Firefox, IE, and others during install, to include importing saved passwords
  10. Simpler Downloads = simple yet dynamic download manager
So far, I'm impressed with Google Chrome, and only missing a couple of the add-ons that I used in Firefox 3.0. Can I learn to live without them? Time will tell. I'll share some of my own discoveries over the next week.

Republican National ConventionAs I finish up this article, I'm waiting for the evening activities to begin at the Republican National Convention. After postponing the Day One schedule due to Hurricane Gustav, the GOP is getting things under way this evening in St. Paul, Minnesota. Scheduled speakers tonight include First Lady Laura Bush, President George W. Bush via Satellite, former Senator/Presidential hopeful Fred Thompson, and Senator Joseph Lieberman. I'm anxious to see what Thompson and Lieberman have to say.

With only one day left of vacation before returning to work, it is quite likely that tomorrow will be spent tying up loose ends, mowing the lawn, helping my wife get some cleaning done, etc., so it could be argued that my vacation has already ended. Sure wish I could find a few more days off before returning to work.

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