Wednesday, October 19, 2005


I'm constantly searching for a better way to post to my blog when I'm away from the computer. Blogger allows email posting and mobile audio posts by phone, which are both great, but I can't quite format them the way I'd like.

HBlogger software lets me post from my Palm, but again has some formatting issues and requires a mobile internet connection, which I don't always have access to.

AvantGo, the mobile offline web reading service, now offers AvantBlog, a free blogging channel that I'm writing this post on now from my Palm Zire 72. I can post with a mobile internet connection or when I next sync my Palm with my PC.

It's only compatible with Blogger, but it's quite cool!



borkazoid said...

Actually AvantBlog was written by me (Beau Lebens, over at Dented Reality), and I've also got a version available for TypePad users, called (of course!), AvantType.

Hope you're liking AvantBlog and thanks for the mention!


Average Joe American said...

As of 9/30/2006, I have been unable to log into AvantBlog to post to Blogger. I'm now using Blogger Beta, but had this problem with the old version of Blogger, as well. I have emailed the creator of AvantBlog, and will post an update here when (and if) I receive one.


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