Sunday, July 16, 2006

Book Review: Plague Maker by Tim Downs

Book ReviewPlague Maker by Tim Downs -- the first book by Downs that I have read -- is a compelling novel. I found myself up late, unable to put the book down, despite an early appointment next morning.

There is seemingly no end to the apocalyptic end times thrillers coming out of the publishing houses these days. Tim Downs delivers a refreshingly today-real story that anyone can read, understand, and appreciate. No Biblical knowledge is needed to follow or enjoy this story. And the moral (yes, it has a moral) isn't a preachy one.

FBI Agent Nathan Donovan is essentially a believable hero. Though a bit egotistical, maybe, I can't recall anything he did that wasn't mostly realistic and at least possible.

It's not my practice to spoil a story, so I won't give much detail. If you like a story as real as the headlines, you'll enjoy Plague Maker.


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