Saturday, May 16, 2009

BOOK Review: The American Patriot's Bible [NKJV]

Book ReviewFor a nation that was founded on Biblical principles, America has fallen deep into a pit of moral decay. We, as a collective, have forgotten what the founding fathers meant when they said that we are endowed by [our] Creator with certain inalienable rights. We have misinterpreted the First Amendment of the Constitution to require the separation of church and state. We have forgotten why our country was established in the first place.

In The American Patriot's Bible, a study Bible, Editor Dr. Richard G. Lee weaves the very Word of God with principles upon which this great country was founded. This New King James Version of the Bible is peppered throughout the text with short study topics and full-length feature articles that serve as vivid reminders of what our founding fathers envisioned.

With a durable hardcover binding, a typeface that is easy on the eyes and full-color feature articles, The American Patriot's Bible is both a simple pleasure to read and an informative and authoritative voice on the founding of America and the Word of God. The only downfall, from this reviewer's perspective, is that the Bible is currently available only in the New King James Version. While much more readable than the traditional King James Version of the Bible, I find that the actual text of the Bible flows more smoothly in the New International Version, and it is my sincere desire that Thomas Nelson Publishers adapt Dr. Lee's insight to the NIV.

The American Patriot's Bible is a study tool that belongs in the library of every God-fearing, country-loving American. At a time when our country desperately needs reminded of the fabric from which we were cut, this text couldn't be more vital.

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