Thursday, May 15, 2008

Book Review: Deadfall by Robert Liparulo

Book ReviewIf you're a hunter, an outdoorsman, you might already have known this, but for someone like me, it took me nearly the entire book to learn exactly what "deadfall" is. provides two possible definitions of the word, both of which fit the context of Robert Liparulo's latest work, Deadfall:
  1. a trap, esp. for large game, in which a weight falls on and crushes the prey.
  2. a mass of brush and fallen trees.
Liparulo takes us deep into Canada's Northwest Territory with an unlucky group of four friends trying to get away from their streaks of misfortune. Little do they know that their luck is about to turn from bad to worse.

To go into too much detail about Deadfall would be to give away the entire plot of the story. Imagine, if you will, finding your vacation interrupted by the most unlikely group of people, in the most unexpected place, with the most unimaginable weapon -- and they're out to kill you. To kill you with a weapon that sees all, knows all, and can strike out and reach you wherever you go, without warning. That there is no place you can hide from this ultimate weapon, not even underground.

Robert Liparulo does not disappoint in his latest tale of action and suspense. Just as he did in his debut novel, Comes A Horseman, Liparulo delivers a heart-pounding page turner that demands to be read. To be entered. To be lived. But be careful, because the world of Canada's Northwest Territories becomes so very real in Liparulo's Fiddler Falls, and lends proof to the theory that the best place to hide is right under the enemy's nose.


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