Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Book Review: Dream On by Aaron Patterson

Book ReviewAaron Patterson and his hero, Mark Appleton, return in book two of the WJA series, Dream On.

We first met Mark Appleton in Patterson's debut novel, Sweet Dreams, a year ago, and we were wowed! As Appleton makes his return in Dream On, the excitement continues.

Appleton finds himself teaming up with an unlikely ally in Kirk Weston, a former Police Officer believed to be dead. And he finds himself in a titanic struggle with the very personification of evil, as he battles a Russian mafia kingpin also known as the Red Dog.

Dream On is filled with shocking twists and turns that one wouldn't expect from a story such as this. Best of all, the ending promises us great things to come in Patterson's upcoming continuation to the WJA saga, In Your Dreams.

If you haven't yet read Patterson's debut novel, Sweet Dreams, you should start there today. Patterson lays the foundation for the events that follow in Dream On.

Patterson continues to excite and engage readers with his colorful narration and creative dialogue.

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