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Book Review: Green by Ted Dekker

Book ReviewIn his latest, highly anticipated work, Green (The Circle, Book 0: The Beginning and the End), Ted Dekker brings his Circle full circle. What began as a trilogy has quickly evolved into over a dozen volumes in this epic saga of the Circle.


Imagine waiting your whole life for the return of a Savior -- the Creator of the world, Himself. Watching, waiting, and fighting for your very life against a horde of unbelievers. Watching as many of the faithful begin to doubt, eventually turning against all that you have believed for so long. Imagine, even, that your very son is one of those doubters who has turned, deceived by the evil into believing that there is a better way.

And then your Messiah comes to take the faithful home with him. All that you have waited for all of your life has finally come to fruition, and you have finally made it to the Promised Land -- only to discover that your son is not there.

What would you do? Would you -- could you possibly -- be happy in a paradise that your own son was not a part of? Or would you beg your Savior for a second chance to save your son, knowing that the Creator of the universe can do anything that He wants? If there was a way to come back and save those who missed out on Salvation, would you take it?

* * * END OF SPOLIERS * * *

It's very difficult to describe just what Green is about without giving some part of the story away. What Ted Dekker began several years ago in Black truly comes full circle. Dekker explains that Green can be the beginning or the end to this epic journey, I suggest this volume be saved for last. You may find yourself wondering how this book can both begin and end this saga, but the shocker ending will make it all excitingly clear.

Dekker has outdone himself with Green

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