Monday, June 22, 2009

Book Review: Deadlock by Robert Liparulo

Book ReviewRobert Liparulo introduced us to John Hutchinson in Deadfall, and his hero returns in Deadlock, still obsessed, and still fighting the evil he first encountered in Deadfall.

Having defeated Declan Page and his fire from Heaven weapon in Canada's Northwest Territory, John "Hutch" Hutchinson is still not convinced that Brendan Page -- billionaire Special Forces veteran, American military contractor, and father of Declan Page -- had no involvement in his son's Canadian reign of terror. So obsessed, in fact, is Hutch that his son has grown to feel neglected by Hutch.

When Hutch agrees to meet with Brendan Page in his commando-style military compound, everything goes wrong, and the hunter -- and his family and friends -- quickly become the hunted. As Robert Liparulo has done so far in each of his books, he takes the reader on a thrill ride in Deadlock that will find you literally immersed in the story. I would be surprised if you don't complete this book faster than nearly every other book you've ever read.

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