Monday, July 3, 2006

Book Review: Left Behind - The Rapture

Book ReviewHow many sequels can the authors get from the second-coming of Christ? One more, it seems. That's what Tim Lahaye and Jerry Jenkins have planned for the hugely successful Left Behind series. After twelve books in the series, three prequels, and numerous spin-offs, Left Behind: The Sequel is the next promised installment.

I just finished reading the third -- and apparently final -- prequel: The Rapture. If you read the original Left Behind book, much of The Rapture will seem familiar to you.

The authors revisit much of the accounting of the Rapture from The Bible's book of Revelation. You'll witness again as billions of people the world over disappear without explanation. You'll see Nicolae Carpathia, the Antichrist, begin his rise to power as he ascends to the presidency of Romania and puts in motion his plans to take over the United Nations. All familiar territory to the millions of Left Behind fans who have made the books so popular.

What you won't find familiar is the accounting of the first Judgement of those who have been raptured. Lahaye and Jenkins share their version of what those of us who will be raptured can expect in the presence of God. Judgements to determine what reward each raptured saint will receive for his or her works on Earth.

The book is an easy read, though the reaccounting of the original Left Behind is a bit unnecessary. It serves only to set the timeline for activities that occur to those who aren't left behind after the rapture.

If you've invested the hours required to read the rest of the Left Behind series, you'll certainly want to read The Rapture, as well. If for no reason other than to be prepared for the next installment, Left Behind: The Sequel, which promises to show us how the authors vision the time that Satan is to be let loose after being cast into the Lake of Fire. I, for one, can't wait!


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