Saturday, July 29, 2006

The Daily Gripe #8 - More Audit Rant

It's time for The Daily Gripe, from Average Joe American.

Today, I revisit The Daily Gripe #5 - The Audit Rant. Because I discovered three key areas in the Audit that were improperly scored, which if scored correctly would have resulted in a passing score. I contacted my District Manager about the scoring, and he agreed with me. He forwarded my comments to the Division Loss Prevention Director, who basically dismissed me out of hand, barely paying lip service to my concerns. That really gripes me!

I failed the audit because the Auditor created new guidelines and new metrics for measurement midstream. Things that had never previously been communicated, that I could not possibly have been aware of, were cited as the reasons for point deduction.

There's not much else to say. My only available form of protest is to ensure a perfect score next time. And that's giving them exactly what they want.


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