Sunday, July 20, 2008

Book Review: Emotional Infidelity by M. Gary Neuman

Book ReviewOver the past two weeks or so, I've been reading M. Gary Neuman's Emotional Infidelity, and blogging it in the same style as I did Rudy Giuliani's Leadership. Last night, after finishing chapter two in the book, I decided it was time to find something else to read.

I am mostly a reader of fiction, and occasionally some political or historical non-fiction. I don't often read self-help style books. My wife and I purchased Emotional Infidelity several years ago, and after I finished reading my last book, I decided to try a change of pace while I look for something else compelling to read. It is for that reason that I decided to give Neuman's book a try.

As I read through the first two chapters of the book, I read about many sound principles that can be implemented in any marriage to help make it stronger. What I didn't read, however, was anything that was new to me. Granted, maybe I needed to read a little further into the book to get to the good stuff, but how long is a reader expected to give an author to sink the hook? Two chapters -- nearly a hundred pages -- is more than long enough, if you ask me.

I'll concede the fact that this book might be golden for couples that are having marital problems. That is, if you could get them to sit down and read it together, but it seems to me that one of the first causes to marital problems is the failure to engage in open discussion with each other, and if you can't talk about your marriage, how likely are you to actually read this book together?

For me, the book was just more of what I already know (whether I actually practice it all or not is another story). I'll be hitting the book stores today looking for some compelling fiction, most likely, while I wait for Ted Dekker's next work, Sinner, to come out in September. As for those with marital problems, maybe they should consider seeing a counselor.

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