Sunday, July 13, 2008

M. Gary Newuman's Great Marriage Tips

M. Gary Neuman's Great Marriage Tips

Ten Rules for Avoiding Emotional Infidelity
Rule 2: Avoid Meetings with Members of the Opposite Gender Outside of the Workplace
  • If you have to work together through lunch or dinner, order food into the office rather than go out.
  • When you do finish a project, avoid the celebratory coffee, drinks, or dinner. Celebrate with your spouse at home instead.
  • Congratulate everyone on a job well done, but make it clear where your attention and allegiance lie by explaining that you have a date with your spouse.
Rule 3: Meet in Groups
  • When meeting with members of the opposite gender, try to avoid meeting alone.
Rule 4: Find Polite Ways of Ending Personal Conversations
  • Learn to bow out gracefully from conversations that you feel are too intimate for comfort. If you feel someone is sharing personal information that is likely to draw you into a more intimate relationship, end the conversation politely.
As innocent as it might seem, even just standing around at work talking about the weekend can lead to more relaxed conversation than a committed married person should be having with someone of the opposite gender. What might start off as an innocent discussion about a movie you watched, or your favorite television show, or even politics, might lead to the discovery of something you have in common -- possibly something that your spouse doesn't share an interest in. Suddenly, when you want to talk about this topic, rather than thinking of your spouse who isn't really interested in it, you think of this opposite gender co-worker who shared your passion for the topic. You may seek that person out to share that passion, and that passion can easily spread to other areas. Areas that must be reserved for your spouse. So innocence at the beginning can too easily blossom into a tragic mistake if not avoided altogether.

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