Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Podcast of the Week

It can be quite difficult raising a kid these days. There is no manual, and no training, really, beyond HOW to actually get through the delivery process. New parents are taking on the most important role in their lives, and there is no test to be sure you're ready, no owner's manual, nothing.

Well, not exactly nothing. There are resources, if you go out and find them. Among many, I've stumbled upon 101 Uses for Baby Wipes, a great podcast designed for Daddy's. Dennis Gray covers parenting news, views, and interviews experts on a wide range of topics that any Daddy could face. He also throws in a couple of podsafe songs for good measure.

It's roughly an hour of wholesome, informative, Daddy-related content. And once a month he joins up with other Daddycasters for the Daddy Panel, which is my personal favorite. Four or five Daddys together sharing their experiences and tips on how to raise a well-rounded child in the twenty-first century. You have to give it a listen.

Download the most recent episode here. You can also get the most recent Daddy Panel here. Visit the website here. Or grab the feed for your favorite RSS aggregator here.

And tell him Joe sent you.


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