Thursday, October 1, 2009

Book Review: Relentless by Robin Parrish

Book ReviewYou may have seen my review of Offworld by Robin Parrish, a fascinating tale of travel to the red planet Mars and the shocking discovery that awaits the interplanetary travelers upon their return home. In the 2006 volume of his Dominion trilogy, Relentless, Parrish introduces us to an incredible tale of good versus evil -- one in which we aren't always sure what is good and what is evil.


When loner Collin Boyd gets off the bus on his way to work and sees himself walking down the street, the world as he knows it changes forever. For Collin Boyd is no longer Collin Boyd, but Grant Borrows -- though Collin Boyd lives on independently. Grant has all of the memories of his former self, new talents and skills he has never been taught, and a mysterious ring on his finger that he never put on and cannot take off.

Parrish takes us on an incredible journey from what is to what might be, with the opening to his Dominion trilogy, as we follow Grant Borrows as he discovers that he is not the only person who has been "Shifted" from his former self into someone he doesn't know. As he sets out on a mission to find himself -- or why he is no longer himself -- Borrows discovers that he is part of a plan that was set into motion when he was just a toddler -- possibly even prophesied thousands of years ago. And he quickly learns that some people very close to him may have played a major role in his "Shift."

* * * END OF SPOILERS * * *

But who is Grant Borrows, really? And why has Collin Boyd been thrust into his life? Is he good or evil? A hero, or a villain? Parrish reveals just enough in Relentless (Dominion Trilogy #1) to leave the reader wanting for more, which is why I'm headed out this afternoon to continue the adventure with Fearless (Dominion Trilogy #2).

Take the trip with me. You won't be disappointed.

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