Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Podcast of the Week

I don't listen to much radio at all anymore. There are several podcasts I listen to on a regular basis -- many of which I have mentioned here before. I get my music, news, and tech updates through these podcasts.

One of the musicians I've heard in some of these podcasts is Matthew Ebel, and in addition to being an independent musician, he's also a podcaster. High Orbit, Ebel's podcast, is both entertaining and unique.

High Orbit features selections from other podsafe musicians (and occassionally some of Ebel's own music). But unlike many other music podcasts out there, High Orbit puts Matthew Ebel at the helm of the UTF Revolution, an intergalactic freight ship staffed by droids and Captained by the musician/podcaster himself. In addition to some great music selections, you get to share the experience as Ebel suffers a bout of Galactic Biodiesel Plague (it will teach you a whole new respect for rats), and be there when Ebel's droid, Prodo 1, mutinously assumes command of the ship while Ebel floats in space attached only by a tether.

It may sound cheesy, but it's actually quite entertaining. It beats the drivel-filled music podcasts so popular these days. Give it a chance before you write it off.

You can subscribe here, or for a quick sample, download a recent episode. And don't forget to visit Matthew Ebel on the web and support him by purchasing a CD.


And by the way: episodes 13 and 14 -- they're keepers.

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