Saturday, October 7, 2006

Quality Time

I spent some high quality time with my kids today while their mother was having her yard sale. We made pancakes for breakfast, watched some Saturday morning cartoons together (not the same cartoons we had when I was a kid) while I did dishes and cleaned up the kitchen, then got ready for a little road trip.

We went first to the bank with a rebate check, then to get some political campaign signs (a Republican candidate or two) to put in the yard. We stopped at a display by the Indiana Historical Society called the Indiana History Train, where we saw some civil war history and a Union soldier reenactor.

After a quick stop by the yard sale to say "Hi" to their mommy, the three of us (father, son, and daughter) went to McDonald's for lunch. Later, after running a few errands when my wife got home, I took my son to the playground at the elementary school to play on the slides and swings.

It's been a nice day -- the kind of day that makes a man feel great to be a daddy!


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