Sunday, October 29, 2006

I've Fallen and I Can't Get Up

This business of turning the clocks back an hour really stinks! I know this is how it would be if Indiana hadn't adopted Daylight Saving Time this year, which is why I say we should spring forward and never fall back. I lived for almost thirty years in parts of the world that observe DST. Eight years in Indiana has been enough for me to realize the senselessness of the whole thing.

It's 6:40 pm as I write this. I'm giving my son his bath because it's already dark outside. Yesterday at this time of day it was 7:40. We've been cheated out of a full hour of daylight: a full hour of outside playtime on the first nice day we've had in over a week. Tomorrow when I come home from work, it'll be dark outside before I even get home.

I challenge anyone out there to give me a good argument for not switching to DST forever (springing forward, that is). I don't want to hear historical arguments -- I know the history of it. But what is the purpose of it TODAY? Any takers?


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