Monday, September 29, 2008

Movie Review: Fireproof

My wife and I went this weekend to see the movie Fireproof, based upon the book of the same name by Eric Wilson. We don't get to go out to many movies, so it's always a special occasion -- and it takes a special movie -- for us to go out to the theater instead of watching on Pay-Per-View. We chose to see Fireproof in the theater because I felt strongly about supporting the author and the producers of this film because it carries what I feel is a critical message for couples.

Fireproof is about a Captain of the Albany (Georgia) Fire Department and his wife, who works as a Public Relations Representative at a hospital. They have let their careers and their selfish interests build a wall between them and they struggle with the same issues that many couples do. After seven years of marriage, they just don't see eye to eye on anything. As they start to give serious discussion (if you can actually call it "discussion") to the topic of divorce, Caleb (the husband, played by Growing Pains alum Kirk Cameron) confides in his father.

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Caleb's father presents him with a copy of  The Love Dare and challenges him to try to 40-day program before giving up on his marriage. Each day, Caleb is presented with something special he has to do for his wife. Each day, Caleb makes a half-hearted attempt, and each day his wife rebuffs him.

Fireproof is the story of a man and woman about to give up on love. It's the story of a father who loves his son enough to speak out for love. It's the story of a God who loves his children enough that He would do anything for them, including die. As Caleb learns the true meaning of love from the example of his Fathers, we see miracles unfold.

I haven't spoiled the entire movie for you, though there are a few minor spoilers above. There is no spoiling this movie, because I don't think any reviewer can do justice to the message that you can only receive by seeing the film (or, possibly, reading the book).

Fireproof is one of the best movies I have seen all year. Every couple, whether married, planning a marriage, or merely considering the future possibility of marriage, should see this film. You just might find yourself in tears (and deeper in love with your mate).

To learn more about why most of the actors in this movie volunteered to perform without pay, why churches donated houses for the fire scenes, why hospitals, fire departments, and train companies donated equipment to be used in the movie free of charge, watch this:

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