Monday, September 15, 2008

Tracking My Time

During Sunday's sermon at what my wife and I now believe may be our new church home (more on that tomorrow, I hope), Pastor Derek Duncan challenged the congregation to keep track of how they spend their time for one week, to determine just how much of their time is wasted. I have decided to do just that.

In my time tracker, which I will share here each evening over the next seven day, I have grouped my time into four categories:
  • God (things that are done for spiritual enrichment

  • Family (time that is spent with my wife and/or children

  • Work (tasks done for the purpose of career and income

  • Self (things that I do for my own pleasure and enjoyment
I have allowed myself limited time for certain things, such as only checking email twice per day, etc. Any time over that limit will be considered as waste. I have also noted what time I feel was wasted because it either wasn't mission critical (at work), didn't enrich me spiritually, emotionally, physically, or intellectually.

Your comments are welcome.


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