Saturday, September 20, 2008

Time Tracking - Day 6

Rubiks Cube ClockOnly one more day left in this Time Tracking exercise. What started as a challenge by a Pastor to identify how much time is actually wasted in a day cannot end soon enough for me. It's a tedious matter, recording every minute of the waking day.

Today was especially difficult to keep track of, as things can be quite hectic in retail on a Saturday. I wasn't able to keep track of my work related tasks in as much detail as I have done throughout the week.

What I have learned is that I don't waste as much time as my wife probably thinks I do. Seriously, it seems that over the course of the week I have wasted approximately half a day: twelve hours and eighteen minutes. Nearly eight hours of that time came from just two days. Days that I felt virtually no motivation to get anything accomplished.

Today comes in at just over an hour, and as my wife has some "honey do" tasks for me to complete tomorrow, I'm sure I won't get to waste as much time as I would like to waste on a Sunday.

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