Friday, September 12, 2008

Google Chrome Observations #4 - Crash!

Google ChromeI experienced my first fatal issue with Google Chrome tonight. After signing into Digsby and clicking an email alert in Digsby, which launches the selected email message in a new window in Google Chrome, the famous new browser crashed.

Chrome CrashChrome disappeared and this alert box popped up. Whoa! Google Chrome has crashed. Restart now? The best I can figure, the problem was related to a setting in Google Chrome options that tells it to launch the last open windows every time I start the browser. When I last shut down Google Chrome, I was using my main Gmail account. The email notification I clicked that launched Google Chrome was for a Gmail account I use for work, causing the browser to launch and open two different Gmail accounts. it appears that trying to have both Gmail accounts signed in at the same time didn't make Google Chrome too happy.

Chrome RestartUpon restarting Google Chrome, I received another error from within Chrome. We're sorry, but your Gmail account is currently experiencing errors. You won't be able to use your account while these errors last, but don't worry, your account data and messages are safe. Our engineers are working to resolve the issue. Please try accessing your account again in a few minutes. I immediately reloaded my main Gmail account with error.

Stay tuned for more in this series on Google Chrome.

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