Thursday, September 25, 2008

Average Joe In SmartMoney Magazine - UPDATED

SmartMoney Magazine October 2008A while back, I spent a great deal of time fighting with Toshiba and the Better Business Bureau about the lemon notebook computer I purchased from Toshiba. My blog posts caught the eye of a writer for The Wall Street Journal Magazine SmartMoney and he contacted me about interviewing for an article.

That article hits the newsstands in the October issue of SmartMoney magazine, with a picture of yours truly gracing the top half of page 82. Though the article only spends a half-paragraph (below) discussing my particular issue, the author did contact Toshiba on my behalf, which resulted in a brand new replacement computer being shipped to me with a full warranty. Can't complain about that.

UPDATE: You can now read the full article online.

From SmartMoney Magazine, October 2008:
My Pic in SmartMoneyThat would include folks like Jeff Cole, a 40-year-old Indianapolis resident who says complaining to the BBB just put him back at square one. He had griped that a perennially broken laptop from Toshiba needed to be replaced, not just fixed, but the bureau was satisfied after the company offered yet another repair. "I felt abandoned by the BBB," says Cole. Indeed, he got a new computer only after SmartMoney contacted Toshiba, which now says it "regrets" not resolving the case sooner. The BBB has regrets too and says it was "atypical" for it to close the case when it did.
So there you have it. Thanks to SmartMoney for playing their part in the replacement of my Toshiba computer. Grab your copy of the magazine at newsstands now.

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