Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Gate of God

The Gate
Today's Daily Soap {Scripture | Observation | Application | Prayer}
  • S: Then the man brought me back to the outside gate complex of the Sanctuary that faces east. But it was shut. God spoke to me: "This gate is shut and it's to stay shut. No one is to go through it because God, the God of Israel, has gone through it. It stays shut. Only the prince, because he's the prince, may sit there to eat in the presence of God. He is to enter the gate complex through the porch and leave by the same way." Ezekiel 44:1-3 [MSG]
  • O: As imperfect humans, we are not fit or worthy to follow in the footsteps of God or receive His gift of salvation.
  • A: In describing the Temple, Ezekiel spoke of a gate to the Sanctuary that was closed -- off limits -- because God Himself had passed through the gate. As Creator of all things, God is omnipresent -- everywhere all the time -- and surely has no need to actually enter His Sanctuary through a gate. Unless it was God in the form of man entering through that gate. The book of Ezekiel is 65% prophecy -- containing the largest amount of predictive prophecy to appear in any book of the Bible. Much of the prophecy of Ezekiel has alredy been fulfilled, to include that of God walking through the Sanctuary gate. This very gate is believed to be the gate through which Jesus entered the Sanctuary on Palm Sunday. Jesus -- God in the form of man on Earth -- entered the Sanctuary through a gate that has since been shut, not to be used by man. As this passage is prophetic, it describes something that had not yet happened at the time of its writing. Prophecy in the Bible is often written as if it has already happened, which is the case in Ezekiel. In this case, Jesus later fulfilled this prophecy. It is believed that when Christ returns to rule his Millenial Kingdom on Earth, he will enter again through that very same gate.
  • P: God, thank You for giving us a gift we could never deserve -- the gift of salvation through Your Son Jesus Christ.
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