Wednesday, September 10, 2008

God of Second Chances

Today's Daily Soap {Scripture | Observation | Application | Prayer}
  • SA third Angel followed, shouting, warning, "If anyone worships the Beast and its image and takes the mark on forehead or hand, that person will drink the wine of God's wrath, prepared unmixed in his chalice of anger, and suffer torment from fire and brimstone in the presence of Holy Angels, in the presence of the Lamb. Smoke from their torment will rise age after age. No respite for those who worship the Beast and its image, who take the mark of its name." Meanwhile, the saints stand passionately patient, keeping God's commands, staying faithful to Jesus. I heard a voice out of Heaven, "Write this: Blessed are those who die in the Master from now on; how blessed to die that way!" "Yes," says the Spirit, "and blessed rest from their hard, hard work. None of what they've done is wasted; God blesses them for it all in the end." I saw another Sign in Heaven, huge and breathtaking: seven Angels with seven disasters. These are the final disasters, the wrap-up of God's wrath. I saw something like a sea made of glass, the glass all shot through with fire. Carrying harps of God, triumphant over the Beast, its image, and the number of its name, the saved ones stood on the sea of glass. Revelation 14:9-13; 15:1-2 [MSG]
  • O: The Beast will rule the earth during the time of Great Tribulation, but will be defeated in the end.
  • A: Ever the forgiving Father, God gives us a second chance if we are too stubborn to choose His Salvation now. As the Beast rules the earth during the Great Tribulation, controlling all religion, trade, government, everything, those left behind will be forced to accept the mark of the Beast or face death. Those who accept the mark will be doomed to eternal death for rejecting God. Many whose eyes will be opened will hold out, reject the mark, and accept Christ as their Savior. They will be blessed in the end with eternal life. But why wait and suffer to take the second chance? Why not act now? And be with God during the Great Tribulation, safe from the torment of the Beast.
  • P: Father, thank You for Your wonderful gift of Salvation, and for being so gracious as to even offer a second chance to those who reject You. You are truly an awesome God.
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