Tuesday, September 23, 2008

End Times Prophecy

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  • S"'That's when Michael, the great angel-prince, champion of your people, will step in. It will be a time of trouble, the worst trouble the world has ever seen. But your people will be saved from the trouble, every last one found written in the Book. Many who have been long dead and buried will wake up, some to eternal life, others to eternal shame. "'Men and women who have lived wisely and well will shine brilliantly, like the cloudless, star-strewn night skies. And those who put others on the right path to life will glow like stars forever. "'This is a confidential report, Daniel, for your eyes and ears only. Keep it secret. Put the book under lock and key until the end. In the interim there is going to be a lot of frantic running around, trying to figure out what's going on.' "As I, Daniel, took all this in, two figures appeared, one standing on this bank of the river and one on the other bank. One of them asked a third man who was dressed in linen and who straddled the river, 'How long is this astonishing story to go on?' "The man dressed in linen, who straddled the river, raised both hands to the skies. I heard him solemnly swear by the Eternal One that it would be a time, two times, and half a time, that when the oppressor of the holy people was brought down the story would be complete. "I heard all this plainly enough, but I didn't understand it. So I asked, 'Master, can you explain this to me?' "'Go on about your business, Daniel,' he said. 'The message is confidential and under lock and key until the end, until things are about to be wrapped up. The populace will be washed clean and made like new. But the wicked will just keep on being wicked, without a clue about what is happening. Those who live wisely and well will understand what's going on.' "From the time that the daily worship is banished from the Temple and the obscene desecration is set up in its place, there will be 1,290 days. "Blessed are those who patiently make it through the 1,335 days. "And you? Go about your business without fretting or worrying. Relax. When it's all over, you will be on your feet to receive your reward." Daniel 12 [MSG]
  • O: For 3-1/2 years the "oppressor" will rule the Earth during a time of Great Tribulation. ... when the oppressor of the holy people [is] brought down the story [will] be complete.
  • A: Long before the birth of Jesus Christ, before His death and resurrection, before His ascention into Heaven, before the revelation to John, there was Daniel. The book of Daniel is so full of End Times prophecy that it is often read in conjunction with the book of Revelation. God revealed to Daniel many of the events that will take place when the Antichrist makes his rise to power. It seems that much of what God revealed to Daniel has already begun to come ture. It is only a matter of time before the full prophecy is fulfilled.
  • P: Father, open our eyes that we might see the signs and choose wisely how we want to spend eternity.
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