Monday, October 31, 2005

PalmAddicts: Palm Powered Desk Reference

PalmAddicts: Palm Powered Desk Reference

The Palm Powered Desk Reference from Grassia Network Solutions, written by Alan M. Grassia, is the perfect tool for both novice and expert Palm users. I've been using Palm devices for several years, and while I'm not the most knowledgeable Palm user in the community, I didn't expect to learn much from this little (109 pages) book.

It wouldn't be fair to the author to share all that I learned in this forum, but I will share the highlights here and encourage you to pick up a copy to keep at the ready on your desk or in your briefcase.

The Palm Powered Desk Reference covers topics from the most basic, such as how to set up your new Palm device to work with your PC, to more advanced topics, such as hiding unwanted ROM Applications (that constantly annoying but rarely used Quick Tour) from your launcher.

Did you know that your Palm device is equipped with a special Reset feature designed to reset the charging circuitry when your handheld will not recharge or powers off immediately after being turned on? Complete details are provided in the first chapter (available for free download), including detailed explanations of every Reset method available.

If you're a long time Palm user, you've probably had a taste of the handwriting text-entry methods known as Graffiti and Graffiti2. If so, like many Palm users, you likely stand strongly in support of one over the other. In the Palm Powered Desk Reference, Alan Grassia tells how you can likely have the text-entry method you prefer, regardless of which one was preinstalled on your device.

Happy with your Palm m515 or other hanheld and you just don't want to let go of it, but still want to get the best of the software available on today's newer devices? The Palm Powered Desk Reference will show you how to run the newest PIMs on your beloved older device.

Learn more about backup power sources available for non-VFS devices, and if you aren't sure what VFS is, you'll learn that as well, and how you can benefit from upgrading to a device with VFS.

The Palm Powered Desk Reference discusses several launcher applications that will not only spice up the appearance of your Palm Powered device, but also increase the functionality, including one very simple yet useful launching tool from PalmAddict's very own Tyler Faux that was news to this writer.

And for those PalmAddicts like Sammy who are also MacAddicts, the Palm Powered Desk Reference is an indispensable tool for getting the most from the marriage of a Mac and a Palm Powered handheld device.

That's just a sampling of the wealth of information you'll find in Grassia Network Solutions Palm Powered Desk Reference by Alan M. Grassia, available for only $24.00 plus shipping and handling at the Grassnet Store, and that's for a printed copy that you can actually put on your desk and refer to when your Palm or PC are unavailable or, God forbid, crashed. For more information, email Grassia Network Solutions.

A thorough, well-written guide in every-day language, not techno-babble, the Palm Powered Desk Reference is a must-have for every Palm Addict, from beginning to long-time users.

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