Thursday, October 13, 2005

Extreme Measures for Extreme Times

We've been dealing with these high gas prices for how long now? Too long! And it seems like no one is driving any less. Lines at the pumps are just as long as ever, and rush hour traffic is just as heavy as ever. Being in retail, I can tell you where consumers are saving their money to pay these outrageous gas prices: discretionary spending.

Now we're hearing reports that we can expect our natural gas heating bills to be as much as 61% higher this winter. And what recourse do we have?

These are extreme times for consumers like me who commute AND use natural gas to heat their homes. These extreme times call for extreme measures on the part of government at all levels.

In Indiana after 9/11, the Governor suspended the state gasoline tax, saving Indiana consumers on every gallon of gasoline purchased. The federal government collects 18.4 cents per gallon of gasoline in taxes. The average American tax burden per gallon of gas -- including federal, state, and local taxes -- is 45.9 cents per gallon.

I think it's time for some real tax relief -- AT THE PUMPS!


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