Sunday, June 14, 2009

Book Review: American Savior by Roland Merullo

Book ReviewFive months ago, the United States of America inaugurated our forty-forth president. Many have their doubts about his qualifications and even his eligibility, some even have doubts about his fundraising tactics during the campaign. Others have virtually bowed down to worship him as the candidate of Hope and Change, so much so that he has become widely known as the "Obamassiah" -- as if he were some great savior for our country.

But what if the Messiah really did return to earth and run for the highest office in the land? What if America really did find her savior in the form of none other and the Son of God, Jesus Christ? Someone with undisputeable morals, pure motives, and the power to fulfill every one of His campaign promises?

Author Roland Merullo takes us on a trip of discovery and enlightenment as he explores this question in his thought-provoking and entertaining American Savior: A Novel of Divine Politics.

When a child falls from a third-story balcony, dies, then lives to tell about it, the parents credit a man who breathed life back into their child then vanished. The media and others play it off as a hoax. But when a hospitalized young child suddenly appears cured of her terminal illness, and she and her parents credit a mystery visitor who laid His hand on her and spoke to her some words of encouragement, the media begins to become more interested in this "Good Visitor" who keeps popping up in the right place at the right time.

When the Good Visitor, much like Jesus Christ did in the New Testament, calls upon the most unlikely of society to help Him prepare and run His surprise presidential campaign, American Savior takes off without looking back. What if Jesus Christ had to address today's tough issues of abortion, war, healthcare, and taxes? Would he have some kind of divine insight to tackle the problems we face today?

Most importantly, would America embrace the return of this Risen Savior? Or would we treat Him today as He was treated almost two thousand years ago by the powers of that time?

Author Roland Merullo answers those questions, and many more, in this fictional glimpse into American politics. American Savior is a must read for anyone who has ever pondered these thoughts, as well as anyone who just loves to dabble in politics. Roland Merullo does not disappoint.

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