Thursday, September 8, 2005

Book Review: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Book ReviewI've read each book in the Harry Potter series, obviously, though none of them are reviewed here. The latest in the series is another gargantuan 600+ page book like Order of the Phoenix was. I don't understand how such young kids manage to get through 600 pages, and often in only one or two sittings! It took me nearly two weeks to read this book, and one week of that I was on vacation and had more time to read than I normally do.

I found the book at times to be just a bit slow-paced. I guess what I mean is that there seemed to be what I thought was unnecessary story development. That is, until I reached the last 150 pages or so, which I did read all in one sitting. The pace picked up quite a bit around page 500, and the story development I had considered unnecessary began to make more sense to me. I insisted, at this point, upon completing the book before turning in for the night.


It has been well documented since the book hit the shelves that someone dies at the end. Well documented, but also well guarded. I hadn't gone looking for the identity of the departed before reading the book, but I also never stumbled upon it accidentally -- a testimony to the fans of Harry Potter who would rather see you read the entire book than to get the news the easy way.

Well, I would rather see you read the entire book than to find out the easy way, as well, but for those of you who are just dying to know, I'll tell you. If you don't want to know, don't worry, just read past the white space in this posting and you'll be safe. For those who can't wait to find out, use your mouse to select the hidden text in the following white space, and the secret will be revealed.


If you've been a reader of the Potter series since the beginning, you've probably had many of the same suspicions about Professor Severus Snape as Harry himself has had. Well, each and every one of them is proven true in The Half Blood Prince. From the very beginning of the story, when Professor Snape promises to protect and guard Draco Malfoy, you'll find your guard up. Many time throughout the story, the author tries to set your mind at ease, even having Professor Dumbledore -- the Hogwarts Headmaster -- declare his complete and total trust of Professor Snape. Only to find in the end that Professor Snape, before running off with Draco Malfoy and a pair of Death Eaters, uses the Ava Kadavra spell to kill none other than Professor Dumbledore himself. That's right, the man you would least expect to see go, has gone. His portrait now hangs among the other deceased Headmasters and Headmistresses in what was until now his office. Of course, this is a world of witchcraft and wizardry. I'm sure the author could write some explanation into a future episode to bring Professor Dumbledore back, but I just don't think it will happen.


Was that as shocking to you as it was to me? I started to suspect it before it actually happened, but for reasons other than what actually occurred. And so much more was revealed at the same time -- things that many Harry Potter fans have suspected all along, and others that most would never have guessed.

If asked to pick a favorite Potter episode, I don't know that I could. The Half Blood Prince would definitely be in the running.

As for who the Half-Blood Prince is, well, for some things you'll just have to read the book yourself.


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