Monday, September 19, 2005

Kings Island -- At Last

Yesterday, finally, was Kings Island day. We actually managed to get up, get ready, and be pulling out of the driveway by 8:00 am, and that's no small feat when my wife and son sometimes sleep in until 8:30.

After a three-hour drive, we arrived at the gates to Kings Island. My son seemed excited but had no idea, really, what to expect. I'll cover the highlights.

My son is only two years old ("only two," I say, when he seems to be growing so fast). Most of the rides at Kings Island are intended for children over three. And obviously, many of the roller coasters are meant for children much older than three.

My son's first amusement park ride was a very lame airplane ride. I rode it with him, and he did not seem at all impressed.

My wife and I both rode Scooby Doo's Enchanted Theater with him. He got just a little spooked once or twice, but seemed to enjoy himself for the most part.

The best ride of the day, however, for my little train-loving buddy, was a ride through the wooded area around the park on a train pulled by a fully-functioning steam locomotive. There was no mistaking my son's excitement as the train pulled into the station whistle blowing to pick us up for our ride. We took a picture of him sitting in the Engineer's seat, and he got a very close-up view of the engine after the ride.

Other highlights included the Huckleberry (Hound) ice cream I have only ever seen at Kings Island -- it's blueberry flavored -- and a caricature artist drawing a rather accurate likeness of my son.

I think we all had a good time, the weather cooperated, and even if my son doesn't remember it when he's older, his mother and I always will. After all, who ever said that childhood memories aren't for parents, too?


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