Thursday, September 8, 2005

California Gov. Schwarzeneger to Veto Gay Marriage Bill?

The California State Senate and State Assembly have passed a Bill that would legalize homosexual marriage in the state.

TAKE ACTION/FOR MORE INFORMATION: If you are a resident of California, please see the California Family Alliance Web site to review the legislation and to see how your lawmakers voted. Let them know how you feel about their vote.

Just as importantly, please contact Gov. Schwarzenegger and ask him to veto AB 849. Please be courteous and respectful. Comments made in a hostile manner, threats, anger, ire, disrespect or unbecoming language will detract from the impact of your message.

And to find out more about "Protect Marriage" -- a state constitutional amendment to protect the traditional definition of marriage -- please see

UPDATE: Governor Schwarzeneger has vowed to VETO AB849. Read the Governor's statement by clicking here.

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