Thursday, September 8, 2005

Vacation (Part Two)

As I write this, I prepare for the last of eight vacation days: vacation days that had to be taken before they were forfeited. In June I wrote of how hard we work just to earn a few days of vacation to spend with our family. Then with most companies we reach a time of the year where it's use it or lose it. If I didn't take these final vacation days before September 20, I would have lost them completely with no compensation whatsoever. Hardly seems fair.

So here I am today, with only one day of vacation remaining before returning to work tomorrow. It has been hectic at times, relaxing at others, and always enjoyable. I greatly value the times like these that I get to spend with my son, who turned two years old on the first of these eight vacation days.

It will be difficult going back to work after spending so much time with my son. Difficult for him as well, I imagine. I hate to think of him on Friday morning asking for "Dada" when he wakes up, only to learn that I'm not there to play with his trains with him, or wrestle on the couch, or push
him on the swing.

Why is it that the most wonderful things in life tend to cause us so much heartache? My greatest pleasure is spending time with my son. My worst heartache will be leaving him for work tomorrow morning.


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