Friday, June 24, 2005

Vacation (Part One)

Today's the first day of my vacation. I have eight days off. It's going to be kind of relaxing. We don't have any major plans, really, to go anywhere or do anything. My father will probably come visit, or we'll go visit him. We may take a day-trip here or there, or go see Rockome Gardens or some other place within a half day's drive or less.

We went out and purchased my son a swimming pool today. He'll be two in September, and he went instead of a baby-sized pool right to a kiddie-sized pool. Man, did he have a blast playing in his pool.

It's a shame that you've got to work the way that you have to work to get vacation time to spend with your family. I work ten hours a day and I drive two hours a day just to get to work. Out of a 24 hour day that's 14 hours on the road or at work. If I try to sleep six hours a day, which is about the norm for me -- well, that leaves me four hours, and one of those hours my son is awake. So I have about three hours -- an hour getting ready for work -- so that leaves me two hours in the evening with my wife. Three hours a day with my family. Five days a week. And of course I get two days off most weeks.

But it's crazy you've got to do that kind of work -- that kind of driving -- just to build up some vacation time to spend with your family. Where did the world get this crazy idea of working our tails off and not having any time with our family? It's no way to be successful if you ask me.

What do you think about it?


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