Thursday, October 5, 2006

Podcast of the Week

The podcast netcast of the week this week is not just one podcast netcast. It's a whole Army of podcasts netcasts! The TWiT Army, that is.

Leo Laporte, formerly of Tech TV and The Screen Savers, has an Army of podcasts (or, as he has recently taken to calling them, "netcasts"), and an Army of followers. Recently voted the Podcasting Person of the Year at the Portable Media Expo (otherwise known as the Podcast Expo) in Ontario, California, Leo Laporte currently has a network of twelve podcasts netcasts, with more to come soon. On the flagship netcast, This Week in Tech, Leo is joined by a panel of top names in the technology industry to discuss everything tech.

Dick DeBartolo, Mad Magazine's Maddest Writer, joins Leo daily to discuss the latest in gadgets on The Daily Giz Wiz. Dick turns the tables on Leo on Tuesdays and plays host while Leo presents a gadget of his own choosing, and we're taken to Dick's Gadget Warehouse on Fridays for a classic gadget from the past.

Leo is joined by Steve Gibson (the man who coined the term "spyware" and created the first anti-spyware program) each week on Security Now to discuss computer security, from online threats to the latest vulnerabilities in the Windows operating system.

And once you've listened to just one of Leo's netcasts, you'll know how he's more than just a podcaster (netcaster, sorry Leo): he's a radio personality. Saturdays and Sundays from 11 am to 2 pm Pacific Time, Leo discusses all things tech on KFI 640AM, and brings that informative and entertaining show to us via netcast on the KFI Tech Guy.

Vin DiBona from Google (yes, THE Google) joins Leo each week on FLOSS Weekly to discuss Open Source and speak with leaders in the Open Source movement. If you're looking for a software or service (such as Firefox, Linux, et. al.) that is improved and maintained by developers who have a passion for doing it right, tune in to FLOSS each week for the latest and greatest in Open Source.

And in Leo's latest addition to the TWiT network (as of this writing, that is), Leo is joined by Paul Thurott to discuss the next big thing in the computer industry, Windows Vista, in the Windows Weekly netcast. It's been over half a decade since Microsoft rolled out Windows XP, and this eagerly awaited successor promises to hit our systems in the coming months.

This is merely a sampling of the many netcasts from Leo Laporte and the TWiT network. These are some of my favorites, and you're sure to find a few that you'll enjoy, as well.

You can find TWiT online at, get the latest episode of TWiT here, or subscribe to one RSS Feed that includes all of the TWiT netcasts by pasting this link into your favorite aggregator.



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