Thursday, October 19, 2006

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Reader Comments on Justice Scalia Gets It. Do You?
Anonymous said...

You touch on an excellent point here.

Perhaps the MOST important job that the President does is to select those who sit on the bench in the Supreme Court. It is this act - more than any other - that will affect the lives of U.S. citizens every day.

It is the most important job that any President will do.

Actually, It was Justice Scalia that made the point to which you refer. My post was a direct quote from him. However, this does bring one very important point to my mind. While this indeed is the most important job that any President will do -- because it affects everyone every day for many years due to the lifetime appointment of Federal Judges and Justices -- it gives every U.S. adult citizen the opportunity to do the most important job that they will ever do in just over two weeks: get out there and vote!
While we may not be voting for the office of President this year, there are many seats on the U.S. Senate that are on the ballot. Every judicial nominee that the President selects must be confirmed by the Senate before taking the bench. You now have the opportunity to impact what Senators will be involved in those confirmation hearings.

Which gives me the opportunity to voice my opinion once more. I'll bet that doesn't surprise you. In 2004 I voted for the candidate running against Democrat Indiana Senator Evan Bayh. Not for any reason other than the fact that I think Evan Bayh is such a terrible Senator that even a monkey could do a better job.

This year, Senator Richard Lugar (Republican) is up for reelection. If you've been around here long, it's no surprise to you that I'm a conservative. But that doesn't necessarily mean I always vote Republican. In 2006, for the Indiana Senate, I'm throwing my support behind the Independent candidate, Rick Hale. Rick Hale is both a social conservative and a fiscal conservative, as well as a candidate who has the courage to stand up for what he believes, rather than for a party line. While I believe that Richard Lugar has done a fine service to the country and to the people of Indiana, I believe it's time for a change to someone with morals, conservative values, and the freedom to do what's right, not just what his party says is right.

Good luck, Rick Hale. You'll have my vote on November 7.


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