Saturday, October 7, 2006

Weekend Off

Being a Retail Store Manager often means babysitting people who are much too old to need babysitters. It's a fact of life in Retail Management, and you learn to live with it. It also means working almost every Saturday of the year. I literally have had only two Saturdays off this year, not counting vacation time.

Today is one of those two Saturdays. And, even though I'm not at work, I'm still babysitting. My wife would say it isn't babysitting when it's your own children. My wife is at a friend's house today having a late season yard sale, and I'm home with the kids. And it's gone rather well so far.

My son has been quite well behaved, and my daughter has cried surprisingly little. In fact, she sat on my lap on the couch for probably forty-five minutes without complaint. That's an amazingly long time for a five-month old baby who likes to stay on the go.

We're getting ready now to head out to the bank and do a drive-by waving at their mommy. And to top things off with a cherry, I'm off tomorrow, too. WOW! Two days off in a row, on the weekend, no less.

Oh, and it's countdown to vacation time, which starts next Friday.


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