Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Book Review: Circle of Seven by Clay Jacobson

Book ReviewAuthor Clay Jacobson continues to satisfy. In Circle of Seven, Jacobson introduced us to Mark Taylor, former Marine turned television reporter who struggles with how his faith in God fits into his career as a member of a very liberal profession -- the media.

In Circle, Taylor investigates something that could come from the newspaper headlines any day -- the impact that opinion polls can have on determining the direction of our country (and the world), and how that impact can be effected by manipulating those toward a certain outcome. Jacobson's treatment of this topic is so convincing, so very possibly real, that you won't be able to read through this book without giving some very serious thought to the validity of the latest CNN/Gallup polls.

As Taylor discovers that the very head of his network owns or controls the majority of the polling companies in the country, he discovers just how a marriage between pollers and the media can steer public opinion on a pre-determined course. When further investigation reveals that this same network executive heads a very powerful, very secret organization with its finger on the pulse of the nation, Taylor finds his very way of life threatened.

Clay Jacobson delivers a very entertaining story, just as he did in Interview With The Devil. A media expert himself, Jacobson knows the inner workings of the big networks and how the power they wield can influence the very policy of our nation.

Circle of Seven is a very realistic portrayal of what might be.

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