Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Inaugural Prayer

prayerFather, today marks a pivotal moment in American history. In just a few short hours, a man will be sworn in as the forty-fourth President of the United States that is unlike any President before him. In many more ways than just race.

This man rocketed to the top of the political ladder through the Chicago political machine, Lord, and has had regular dealings with people of questionable character. He himself, according to many, is a man of questionable character. In fact, Lord, he is a man of questionable citizenship.

My prayer, Father, as we embark upon the next four years (at least, and hopefully no more) of the Obama era, is that I am completely wrong about this person. I pray that he is not the socialist that he appears to be; that he does not have the impact he has stated he would have on abortion; that he does not receive the chance to Robin Hood his way into the history books through his share-the-wealth schemes; that he does not turn tail and run from Iraq into Afghanistan, leaving behind an unstable fledgling democracy to fail.

I pray, Lord, that he is not the scheming charlatan that he has appeared to be to those who have not been blinded by his charisma. I pray that the reasons he refuses to present his birth certificate for public scrutiny are not because it wouldn't pass muster. I pray that the birth of the Obama era might not coincide with the death of the United States Constitution.

Lord, I pray that I'm wrong about this man, and that America won't struggle for decades after he leaves office to repair the damage he could so easily cause.

God bless America is so much more than a meaningless phrase right now, Father. It is a fervent prayer.

God, please bless America!


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