Saturday, January 31, 2009

On Second Thought...

...I find it encouraging that history has been made this month. On November 4th, I was certainly disappointed to see that the candidate I supported for President was defeated. I was concerned by the things that the Democrat candidate was hoping to accomplish during his time in the White House. I was angry that our mostly Conservative Supreme Court did not stand on the Constitution and order Barack Obama to present an indisputable copy of his birth certificate to put the rumours to rest once and for all, in one way or another.

But looking back over the past month, I have found reason to be happy with the recent election results. I am excited to see the first man of African-American descent elected to such a prominent position -- to see a black man rise to a height that no black man has ever risen to before. I am anxious to see just what he can do for his party, for his country, and by extension, for the world. In a position of stature, he will shape and define policy, motivate and encourage the populace, even hand pick the future leaders of country.

Yes, I am greatly encouraged, motivated, and excited to see the great things that Michael Steele will accomplish as Chairman of the Republican National Committee. What? You thought -- really? You must be new here.

No, I am still terrified of the damage Barack Obama can cause this country -- and the world -- from within the Oval Office. But I now have a renewed hope that, under the skilled leadership of Chairman Steele, the GOP can and will do what it takes to retake Congress and the White House and, eventually, the damage caused by Obama can be healed.

Shame on you for even thinking anything different.

Your comments?


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