Friday, February 15, 2008

Book Review: Leadership by Rudy Giuliani

Book ReviewMore Leadership wisdom from Rudy Giuliani:

  • A leader should be anticipating all the time.
  • A big part of leadership is consistency -- letting those who work for you and others you lead know you'll be there for them through good times and bad.
  • Part of leadership is harnessing your passions in a way that serves your goals. Another part of leadership is retaining your humanity.
I have just finished reading Rudy Giliani's book, Leadership. It was a very interesting read. Whether you read it for political motivation, for tips on how to be a better leader, or because you're a fan of America's Mayor, this is an excellent read!

Rudy Giuliani was the most successful New York City Mayor in modern times. He took what had been labeled an "unmanageable city" and put sound leadership principles to work to reduce crime, reduce unemployment, and increase pride in the city. He lead the city -- and by proxy the nation -- through the greatest tragedy of our time.

Whatever you might think of Rudy Giuliani -- and there are some issues on which I strongly disagree with him -- he is a very solid and successful leader. This book should be on the short list for any Manager or political leader.

Click here for more excerpts from Leadership by Rudy Giuliani.


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