Thursday, February 28, 2008

READER: my thoughts on immigration

Thanks to Tara for the Following:

Thoughts From A Reader Regarding the Indiana Immigration Reform Currently in Debate:

I feel that we need this law. Where I live it is like spanish has now become the primary language.  Also people talk about how Americans will lose profit in their businesses once the bill is passed and I say that is an excuse because they can pay American people to the job but they fill that they don't have to pay us for the work that we do.  There is plenty of American people that is hurting for work but companies over look this because they feel that we are not worth their money I guess.  That is not fair at all.  Our government should have never let immigration get as bad as it has.  I think that us Americans are going to end up in another civil war to protect what is ours.  Thank You for your time   Tara

Thank you, Tara, for taking the time to join the discussion. Clearly, something must be done to get immigration under control. We are a country founded on immigration -- just ask the Native Americans -- and the influx of new talent and skill to our country will always be an important part of our culture and success.

However, we must control that influx in a way that every person in this country is here legally and pulling their own fair share of the load. It takes money to run a country, and those that are here reaping the benefits of Freedom and the American Dream owe it to everyone to make sure that they are paying their share of the cost that maintains that Freedom and makes that Dream possible.

In addition, the cornerstone of any civilized society is communication. This is the framework behind the Tower of Babel in the book of Genesis. This is also why one of the first targets of the modern military in a conflict is communications. Destroy the enemy's communications, and he cannot organize an effective defense against your attacks.

This is not to say that illegal immigrants to our country are enemies. Far from it. They can be productive members of the society. But to be members of the society they must be here legally and pay their fair share as well as adapt to our standards of communication. Unwillingness to do either or both of the above should result a quick ticket out of here.

What we need in this country is a means to ensure that all immigrants are legal and that they can assimilate into society -- which means communicate in our language. In order to have that, there must be a repercussion for those who fail to comply. That's what immigration reform is. First, stop illegal immigration at our borders. Second, pass tough requirements for legal immigration without amnesty. And third, enforce those laws on new immigrants as well as those who are here now, both legal and illegal.

Again, thank you Tara for your well-thought input.


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