Sunday, February 10, 2008

Welcome to Soapy Joe

So what is Soapy Joe? Joe is Average Joe American, blogger and podcaster of independent music and opinion. Soapy Joe is where I hope to have a daily online devotional -- where I will record my personal daily quiet time with God.

But what is the Soap about? Simple.
  • S = Scripture
  • O = Observation
  • A = Application
  • P = Prayer
The format I use for my daily devotional is four parts. [For more info, visit]

First, I read some scripture, and occasionally a commentary on that scripture from a respected authority on the Bible.

Second, I'll record my observation about the scripture -- what it means to me.

Third, how that scripture and observation apply to my life today. You might be surprised just how perfectly a randomly selected passage of scripture can apply to your life.

And finally, my prayer for the day. Usually it will be related to the passage of scripture and how it applies to my life, but occasionally it might be a totally unrelated prayer about something or other.

So why am I doing this online? Two reasons, I guess.

First, accountability. By posting my daily devotional online for all to read, I am accountable to you, the general public. If I miss a day, you will know about it. If I miss two days, or more, hopefully you will tell me about it. Nudge me, sort of.

Second, just maybe something I read or say about a passage of scripture will have an application in the life of someone else who might stumble upon this page.

Okay, so Soapy Joe has grown from an online Life Journal into an Independent Christian Music Podcast. Wow, how things change. I felt strongly that God was calling me to expand my podcast repertoire into the Contemporary Christian Music genre. And this is the result.

Soapy Joe will now bring you (hopefully) more frequent Life Journaling, as I have recently purchased an actual Life Journal and hope to use it daily, as well as the best Independent Christian Music available today. Sit back, relax, and enjoy.

So here it is, some good clean content from Average Joe.

Welcome to Soapy Joe.

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