Sunday, February 3, 2008

Rudy On Leadership - Strong Beliefs

More from Rudy Giuliani on Leadership.

  • Great leaders lead by ideas.
  • The people who work for you, those who look to you for answers, have a right to know how you see the world.
  • For any issue, you must first figure out the substance, considering it from every angle, getting it into your bloodstream, before deciding the position you want to take.
  • There are three critical stages here. First, you must develop beliefs. Next, you have to communicate them. Finally, you must take action.
  • Band-Aid solutions can do more harm than good. If you took a broken system and repaired just enough so that it could limp along, you lessened the chance that a real and lasting solution could be reached.
  • Assigning too many people to a task significantly reduces the quality of performance.
  • Staff hanging around uselessly encourages others to do likewise.
  • Any system functions best when the right number of staff is used, and any excess money can be employed to rebuild the business and reward high performers.
  • The notion that changing your mind about an issue shows weakness is ridiculous. People should be ready to admit when there is evidence to make them change their mind. That's an indication of intellectual honesty, not of a lack of backbone.
  • A real leader, one who leads from a true heart and honest mind, won't deny an emerging belief simply because it makes him uncomfortable.
  • Beliefs are not always easy to come by or right in front of one's face. The path is often lonely, arduous, even painful, at odds with how one perceives oneself. But an intellectually honest leader leads from a place where true beliefs live.

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