Thursday, February 28, 2008


I turn to several sources every morning when doing my daily devotional. I don't just pick up a book, read, write down a few things, and call it done. I look through a devotional Bible and several online resources, first. Some mornings, even though I might find a passage that speaks to me, it's difficult to translate into my own words just what I feel the passage is saying. Some mornings, I guess, when a long day before, or the lack of sleep, or just the stress of day to day life, makes it just a little harder for me to focus on what I would say about what God is saying. This morning is feeling like one of those mornings.

When all else has failed me in my devotional, I pick up the Bible, close my eyes, and just flip open to a page, and read. Today I share with you what I read, and a brief prayer, and hope that it speaks quietly to you.

P: Lord, help me to find in Your Word the guidance and direction I need along my path each day. Help me to live as an example, and to find comfort in Your Word when challenge arises.

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