Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Today's Daily Soap {Scripture | Observation | Application | Prayer}
  • S: Isaiah 55:1-5
  • O: God has already provided for us more than money can give.
  • A: More on treasures. As man has made money the currency of life, God has made love the currency of life. By His love and grace He provided everything man needed in the Garden of Eden: fruit, vegetables, meat, all manner of food sources. Man, unfortunately, chose the forbidden fruit, and God took away the Garden of Eden. He did not, however, take away those other provisions. Plant a seed and the earth will yield produce. Take a cup down to a stream and find the refreshment of clear water (it is only in need of filtration now because of our own doing, not God's). And any patient, determined hunter can find meat for the next meal. Clothing is available from all of these sources, with a little ingenuity. This is not to say that we should live like "savages" and shun all modern conveniences. It is merely to illustrate that God has provided, and continues to provide, for those who trust in Him to provide. Upon banishment from the Garden of Eden, God gave man the curse having to toil for his sustenance. We must work for our food. He took away the ease with which we could partake of His provisions, but He has not taken away the actual provisions. Money is a creation of man. It is something that we have created and assigned a value to in order to facilitate easy and meaningful trade. Instead of bartering for how many potatoes this rug is worth, or how many sheep to trade for that, we now have currency in the form of paper money, which has meaning only because man has assigned it a value. If we did not hold money in such high esteem, the richest among us would quickly become the poorest, and those rich in the trust and love of God would be the wealthiest among us in every way.
  • P: Lord, help me to recognize the ways in which You provide, to be thankful for those provisions, and to use them wisely. Help me to avoid the trap of assigning too much importance to money in my life, and to invest my time and energies in the truly important things like God and family.
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