Thursday, February 14, 2008

Illegal Alien On The Job


I discovered today something that I have suspected for the past couple of weeks: I have another illegal alien working for me. Yes, I said "another." Just a couple of months ago, it came to my attention that I had an illegal alien working for me that was hired by my predecessor. When I approached the illegal, he admitted to his status, and I immediately terminated him.

The past couple of weeks, I have had reports of suspicions that another employee was an illegal alien. This one hired by my predecessor's predecessor -- he's actually been working in the store for two years now. After receiving the initial report, I asked every employee to voluntarily submit the required documentation to reverify their I-9 forms.

Because the investigation is still in progress -- in other words, I'll be presenting the employee with an ultimatum tomorrow -- I cannot go into details now. But it has been verified that the number on the Social Security Card the employee in question presented to me is not assigned to him. He will be given thirty days to produce valid documentation from the Social Security Administration that he has a valid Social Security number that has been issued to him. Failure to do so will result in his termination for falsifying documentation. I suspect he'll disappear long before the thirty days is over. Of course, should he admit to being an illegal when I confront him, he, too, will be terminated immediately.

I'll give more details when the matter has been fully closed.


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