Thursday, April 3, 2008

Book Review: Adam, by Ted Dekker

I have recently finished reading Adam, Ted Dekker's latest thriller. Again, Dekker comes through with a page-turning tale of suspense and intrigue, much as he did in his best seller Thr3e. Before I get into the story, a short video of Ted Dekker talking about the book:

Dekker has clearly accomplished what he set out to do with this suspenseful novel. From the opening, the action is hot and will grab the reader's attention. I found it difficult to set the book aside long enough to go to sleep at night. When, finally, I was able to put the book down, I found the story replaying itself through my mind over, and over, until I could get back to where I left off and rejoin character Daniel Clark on his mission to find and stop the elusive serial killer "Adam."

One of the most shocking things about Dekker's latest thriller is that this book -- like his others, is published by Thomas Nelson publishers -- long time Bible publisher turned Christian fiction publishing house -- but doesn't feel like Christian fiction. The genre, however, is Fiction / Thrillers / General. Nothing to be said on the card catalog about Christian fiction, other than a credit for any scripture references in the book to the King James Version of the Bible. In typical Dekker fashion, the author comes through with a compelling story that does not overtly preach a religious message.

The version of Adam that I read was the "Exclusive Christian Retail Edition," which boasts a bonus chapter, which wraps up the story nicely in an ending that tells us just what Dekker's religious message in this book is. This, to my knowledge, is a first for Dekker. He has crafted a tale that could have easily been published by any publishing house, with no overt Christian message, and packaged it in a special edition that delivers that Christian message that Dekker fans are used to finding buried deep within the prose.

Why is this a good thing? Simple: Dekker fans everywhere are much like the fans of Stephen King -- they are counting the days until his next release, then flocking to bookstores or online sites to make their purchase on the day of release (I, for one, have already pre-ordered his next two books). Those who might not be so familiar yet with the works of Dekker, or maybe who aren't big fans of Christian fiction, now have a book by Dekker that they can grab and read that doesn't look or sound like Christian fiction. Something to get them hooked by the Dekker style. Something that will hopefully draw them to other works by Dekker -- works that might deliver a message that they wouldn't otherwise receive.

Here is one fan's interpretation of Adam:

Whether you're a long time fan of the author, his works, or Christian fiction in general -- or someone who has shied away from them for quite some time -- you really must give Adam a read. It's a story unlike anything you've ever read.


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