Saturday, April 26, 2008

The New Sony Vaio

So I broke down, and broke the wife down, and went out today and bought a new Sony Vaio notebook computer. I'm so tired of that old lemon Toshiba, it isn't even funny.

Of course, I still plan on calling on Guy Lugo at Toshiba to see if he'll stay true to his word and cover fixing the Toshiba again for me. Who knows, maybe you'll see the thing on eBay soon.

This is the first post on my new Sony Vaio notebook computer. So far, I'm loving it. Of course, it takes forever to really make a computer your own. I have lots of downloading and setting up to do, and all of the music I've downloaded for use in The Joe Show is still locked on the Toshiba hard drive. Another reason I hope to get that thing booted up again.

Well, back to getting this new system configured the way I want it. I'm much happier now than I was this morning, though.


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