Saturday, April 26, 2008

Toshiba Computer Fails Me Again

Once again, just over two months after Toshiba said they found nothing wrong with my notebook computer, it is dead in the water.
You can follow the history of it here:
Today, after checking my email and looking at a couple of things online, I left the computer for a while, turned on and booted into Ubuntu. When I returned to it later, the screen was black, but the power button was lighted, indicating that the system was turned on. I tried all of the usual things to wake it up, but it wouldn't wake it up. I pressed the power button once, which is set to shut down the system. Moments later, the Ubuntu shut down progress bar was on the screen, showing the progress complete, but the unit did not turn off. I pressed and held the power button to turn the system off.
Upon trying to restart the system, the power comes on, the lights light up as usual, but the then all lights go off besides the power indicator, the battery level indicator, and the external power indicator. The screen remains black, and nothing happens. I then manually opened the CD drive and inserted an Ubuntu Live CD, hoping to boot from the CD to determine if the hard drive had failed. No luck.
It appears, to my limited mind, that the system board has failed once again. I guess I'll be calling Guy Lugo again on Monday morning to see what, if anything, he plans to do about it. The computer is no longer under warranty, but he assured me back in February when they claimed that they could not find any problem with the computer (yet returned it to me in miraculously working condition) that he would help me out if anything else happened to it within a month or two of the warranty expiring. it has now been just over one month since the warranty expired.
I'll keep you posted. Meanwhile, there will probably be no episode of The Joe Show this weekend, as I would have to prepare it on my wife's system, starting from scratch.
Stay tuned...

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