Wednesday, April 23, 2008

The Revolving Doors Are Spinning!

Things have been getting quite crazy at work. Over the past four weeks or so, we have seen several high-level executives resign from the company -- some of which have only been on board for six to eight months, some of which have been with the company for several years. Today, in addition to the latest surge, one of our senior (in tenure, that is) Loss Prevention Managers has left the company, presumably to join one of our competitors.

The company has been pushing and pushing more and more responsibility onto us at the store level, while at the same time giving us fewer and fewer resources to meet those responsibilities. It's become quite stressful, and quite a strain on the entire store staff, frankly.

Do I stick it out and try to be successful in a corporate climate that doesn't espouse success? Or do I jump ship before the whole thing sinks?

Anybody out there looking for a multi-talented person with over twenty years experience in Management, Marketing, Sales, and Recruiting? If so, drop me a line.


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